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Master key systems are useful for commercial buildings and apartment buildings where there are multiple locks involved. Master keys are single keys that have the ability to open every lock it is keyed too. Each lock also has its own key that doesn't work on any of the other locks. It is important to have a Master Key System so there are no keys that are accidentally cross keyed. Cross keyed keys might accidentally open a door that it shouldn't. A master key system keeps track of all the keys in the system so new keys can be created under the Master key.

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"Chris turned one of my most nerve-wracking experiences into a moment of joy and gratitude.  In the flurry of bringing my preschooler home from class and getting all of her belongings out of the van, I accidentally shut the door with the keys locked inside. Both my children were buckled inside, I was stuck outside, and we were all in a panic. Chris not only came over and got me into my van speedily, but refused to charge me, wishing me a Happy Mother's Day instead...I can't recommend him enough."

-Samara Cole Doyon

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