Emergency Lock Outs

We've all been there. You walk out the door, which locks behind you when you suddenly realize you've left your keys on the table.  We are available most days of the week when you find yourself suddenly locked out. Click the button below to see what you'll need for when we get there and give us a call!

Auto Lock Out

Just as frustrating as being locked out of your home, being locked out of your car can be just as trying. Whether it's in your own drive way or stranded on the road, we are available to rescue you from such a stressful situation! Click the button to see what you will need when we get there and give us a call!

**At this time, we do not make auto keys, we are only offering Emergency Auto Lockouts.

Electronic/Smart Locks

Keep up with modern technology! We  install locks that you can operate from your smart phone or a simple combination. Call us today for a quote if you have a specific lock in mind or we can offer our expert opinion on devices that will work best for your needs.

Lock Repair

Broken Lock or spinning cylinder? We can fix that!

Re-Key / Change Locks

Congratulations on your new home! --You are going to want to change your locks.
Employee turn over? -- Time to re-key those locks!
You never know who has copies of keys in these types of situations. It's a good practice to make sure your home and workplace are safe and secure.  Call us or E-mail us to schedule service!

New Installations

Looking to add a deadbolt? Need to add a new lock? We easily install new locks. Call today for an estimate or to schedule service.

Duplicate Keys

Please be aware that a service call is probably not something you want to pay just to duplicate keys. We charge a service call every time our vehicle is dispatched. However, we are happy to make duplicates for a job we are already servicing!

Master Key System

Useful when you are a part of  a building that has many keys and access points.

Key Extractions

Broken key in the lock!? We can extract it.
Gold Skeleton Key isolated on white back