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Man changing core of a door lock  Southern Maine Locks
Broken Lock Southern Maine Locks

You should change your locks when...

  • You purchase a new home

  • You purchase a new business

  • After a burglary or attempted break-in

  • If you lose your keys

  • If you give out your homes door code

  • After changes in employment

  • Rental turnovers

  • Divorce 😬#ithappens

Changing locks is one of the most common services we provide as a locksmith company. The cost for re-keying locks is typically 50% less than purchasing new hardware. This is because what happens when we re-key a lock, we are changing parts inside of the lock and creating a new key so that any old keys will no longer operate the lock. 

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"Chris turned one of my most nerve-wracking experiences into a moment of joy and gratitude.  In the flurry of bringing my preschooler home from class and getting all of her belongings out of the van, I accidentally shut the door with the keys locked inside. Both my children were buckled inside, I was stuck outside, and we were all in a panic. Chris not only came over and got me into my van speedily, but refused to charge me, wishing me a Happy Mother's Day instead...I can't recommend him enough."

-Samara Cole Doyon


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