Spring Cleaning...When's the last time you changed your locks???

There are definitely times where we all know to change our locks...but it might be something that we don't think of all the time. If you can't remember the last time you've changed your locks, maybe you should add it to your spring cleaning honey do list!

--> House Buying. Spring is a hot time for people to be out their buying up new homes. The first thing anyone should do after closing is change those locks. You never know who or how many people have copies of keys to your new home! Protect one of your biggest investments.

--> After A Break in...it may sound obvious, but you should definitely change your locks after a break in, and maybe even re-evaluate what kind of security you have. We install lots of different locks and deadbolts that will make your home safe and sound.

--> Old Worn Out Locks. That old key moves through your lock like butter. It turns without a hitch. It may be a little too smooth. Just like anything else, locks and keys wear out. I am all for 80's nostalgia, but if you're still using the same locks and keys from 30+ years ago it might be time for some new locks. We also now offer modern locks that can link with Wifi and Bluetooth! ..but if that's not your thing we will always carry old fashioned traditional door knobs and keys.

--> Lost Keys. Has anyone in your household lost their keys? If your kids or teenagers have misplaced their keys on the way to or from school, you may be in the market for some rekeying. Anyone can pick up those keys, and if they happen to know who dropped them you could be at a security risk. Best to not take chances with who has access to your home.

--> Landlords. Has a tenant moved out and you're looking to have the space rented by someone now? It's good practice to have the locks rekeyed for your new tenants. Just like with new home owners, you never know who has copies of old keys.

-->Disgruntled Employee. Has there been a shift in employment? You should change locks if there is a shake up at your company, especially with codes that access high security areas.

SAFETY IN GENERAL --> If you can't remember the last time you've changed your locks or have lent out more copies than you can keep track of of your house key, you should really consider rekeying your locks or adding some beefier security. We have options for sliding doors, and deadbolts as well!

Contact us today for a quote with making your home safe and sound!

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